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The Kelvin Partnership are accountants in Glasgow. We have traded for over 30 years and are based in the Cooper Building in Glasgow�s West End.

We spend time with our clients to make sure that they have the correct infrastructure in place which not only allows them to structure their business in the most tax efficient manner, but also to make sure they know their business model and have considered any funding gaps.

We offer all of our clients fixed rate fees, free unlimited phone calls and face to face meetings.

We also offer free initial consultations, so why not come in for a chat?

As well as accounts, audit and tax compliance for Limited Companies and sole traders and partnerships we also specialise in Charities, Credit Unions, Trusts and Owners Clubs.

Our full range of services can be found on our services page.

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The Kelvin Partnership: accountants in Glasgow

The Kelvin Partnership are the choice of accountants in Glasgow

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