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3 Accounting Services Essential for Businesses

Are you running a business? An essential to the success of any business is the use of accounting services unlimited options. These services provide invaluable advice and endless help to ensure your business gets where you want it to be. The Kelvin Partnership have worked with many different businesses, providing solutions for their accounting problems. Our[…] Read more »

4 Ways an Accountant can improve your Business Health

Do you think that your business is in need of some help or financial guidance? Let an accountant from The Kelvin Partnership be the solution to your business health problems. We work with a wide range of businesses from retail and construction to transport. With years of experience and a wide range of services offered,[…] Read more »

5 Accounting Tips for Your New Business!

Are you a new business owner? Glasgow accountants, The Kelvin Partnership have all the information you need when it comes to making your company a success! We have offered advice to many businesses over the years, our trusted new business accountants will place only your best interest first. Our accountants cover a range of services,[…] Read more »

Have you missed the January tax deadline?

It is a legal requirement to complete your tax return each year. However, out of the 11 million people expected to do so, each year not everyone does! A missed tax deadline can result in a fee. Did you miss the deadline and want to know your options? Normally, if you are filing your tax[…] Read more »

5 Pieces of Business Advice that Every New Business Should Follow

Starting a new business? Worried about what you will be facing? These pieces of new business advice are worthwhile to consider when starting up! You Need a Plan One of the first things to think about if you are starting a new business is to plan. It is essential to create a formal business plan.[…] Read more »

Cost You Should Consider Before Becoming an Employer

For a growing company it is a big and exciting step to hire the first employee. Whether you are employing someone for the first time or have had staff in the past, there are hidden employment costs. Budget carefully! Be ready to pay more than what you budgeted for! Employment costs go further than the[…] Read more »

Scottish Tax Rate

You pay the Scottish rate of income tax if you are a resident in Scotland. By living in Scotland, your income tax is paid to the Scottish Government. The income tax applies to your wages, pension and anything else that is classed as taxable income. For example, income from a trust or some state benefits.[…] Read more »

Payroll Services Glasgow

At The Kelvin Partnership, we can take the strain of the payroll away! By outsourcing this responsibility we can ensure your employee pay slips, monthly summaries, reports etc. are completed thoroughly and accurately. As a business owner there are so many things you need to think about. All aspects of your company are important, so[…] Read more »

U-Turn On Self Employed Class 4 NIC Increases

The Chancellor has announced on 15 March that he would not be going ahead with his Budget proposal to increase the National Insurance Contribution rates for self-employed people. In the Budget of 8 March 2017, he announced that Class 4 NIC rate for the self-employed would rise by 1% to 10% in 2018/19 and by[…] Read more »

Spring Budget 2017

The Chancellor of the Exchequer, Philip Hammond, delivered his first Budget against a backdrop of a more-buoyant-than-expected UK economy post-Brexit and improved tax receipts. Set against these were concerns about funding the NHS and social care, and the impact on business from changes to business rates. Here are some of the key tax and related[…] Read more »